GSEC Events - Spring 2014:

Maggie and Milk Awards
May 4th | Sunday | BMU Auditorium

Applications for the Maggie and Milk Awards are now available HERE.

The Maggie and Milk Awards is an annual awards ceremony which celebrates the feminist, LGBTQ+ and allied activists in our community. Campus and Community members are encouraged to nominate the activists in their lives in the following categories:

Maggie Award

For an outstanding woman activist for women's rights.

Maggie Solidarity Award

For a man who has shown outstanding support for women's rights.

Milk Award

For an outstanding LGBTQ+ activist.

Milk Ally Award

For an activist who does not identify as LGBTQ+, but supports LGBTQ+ rights.

Carol Burr Lifetime Achievement Award

For a woman who is working to better the lives of people on this campus, community and world in the spirit of multicultural feminist activism.

Maggie and Milk Awards