Friday, October 3rd
3:00-6:00pm | Yolo Fields

FREE Skills Workshops:
Friday, September 19 & 26 | 3:00-4:30pm

[Ask for more details at the front desk in the WREC.]

The Strong Cat Skills Workshop is geared toward practicing the five events performed in the Strong Cat Competition: The Farmer Carry, Truck Pull, Truck Push, Tire Flip and Overhead Throw. Learn the correct technique and have the chance to practice each exercise before the event. The workshop will also give participants an idea of their strengths and weaknesses, allowing for better preparation leading up to the event.

Weight Class Information:

Open > 201lbs
Middle 170-200lbs
Light < 169lbs

Open > 150lbs
Middle 130-149lbs
Light < 129lb

Weight classes subject to change and/or combining depending upon
number of participants and their respective weights.

Click Here for 2013 Competition Results

The event itself will consist of five events:

  1. Tire Flip: Competitors will flip tractor and/or airplane tires along a 50-foot course for time.

    • The contestant will have to flip the tire across a line roughly 50 feet away
    • Fastest time wins
    • Contestant will have to keep the tire within a designated lane or receive a predetermined time penalty
    • Tire must come to a rest before it can be lifted again
    • If tire rolls or slides, it will be put back to where it would have otherwise become static
    • There is a one minute time limit
    • Tire must touch finish line to stop time

  2. Truck Pull: Competitors will pull a truck along a 50-foot course
    for time.

    Guy on ground pulling truck with tethered rope.Front view of truck with rope tied to the bumper.

    • This is done from a seated, static position facing the vehicle and pulling it with a rope.
    • The contestant will have to pull the truck across the finish line (Roughly 50 feet away from vehicle)
    • If line is not crossed, and vehicle loses all velocity, that distance and time will be recorded
    • Fastest time wins

  3. Truck Push: Competitors will push a truck along a 50-foot course for time.

    Guy pushing the front of a truck.

    • The contestant will have to push a truck across a 50 foot course
    • If line is not crossed, and vehicle loses all velocity, the distance and time will be recorded at that point
    • Fastest time wins

  4. Farmers Walk: Competitors will carry a pair of Farmer's Walk handles loaded with various weights along a 50-foot course for distance.

    Two guys walking back and forth carrying a heavy weight in each hand doing the farmer's walk.

    • Contestant will have to round a pair of cones
    • Furthest total distance wins
    • 1-minute time limit
    • Distance is final when time limit is reached, or contestant quits
    • If there is a tie for distance, the person with the quickest time to that distance wins
    • Unlimited re-gripping is permitted

  5. Overhead Throw: Competitors will throw a medicine ball for distance.

    Overhead Throw

    • Competitors will throw a medicine ball from a squat position for distance
    • Three throws per contestant, from squatting position. Throw either behind or in front of self. Longest throw counts.
    • A foul occurs when a contestant's foot crosses the throw line while the ball is in motion
    • There will be approximately 9 feet of run-up space allowed
    • There is no spinning allowed
    • Ball must remain in contact with chin or head until release motion
    • 2-minute time limit to get all three throws in