Event Planning for Student Groups (or How to Put On a Successful and Memorable Event 101)

The BMU is different than Selvester's?  If we have food, the hassle factor goes up by 10?  Student A was supposed to book our space and now Al Gore doesn't have a place to speak!  We didn't know we had to pay for technical services?  Flame swallowers aren't allowed in a conference room?  Who knew?  You should.  Take a minute to read through the following to better understand the ins and outs of campus event planning.

We've tried to compile information to help you successfully host an event on campus.  We have NOT covered every possible scenario or circumstance soooo  . . . if you have a tough question or problem, please contact your supervisor or adviser before you go forward to be sure you're getting the best possible information.

The Basics:

Event Planning Checklist -

Print one and use it!  It really helps keep things on track.  Checklist -

Venue, Food and Rentals -

Your first move is to secure a space for your event - the earlier, the better.  Planning to provide food?  Rentals?  Will you need extra tables and chairs? Equipment? Decorations?  Rental Considerations.

Talent and Technical Information -

If you plan to have technical and sound equipment, please check out this price sheet so you can budget accordingly.

Publicity for Your Event -

Lots of options from free to pricey here.

Important Things to Consider -

A lot goes into planning an event, learn from others' missteps - take a moment to read this.